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Stone Oak
Coffee Haus

Life Happens...
                  Coffee Helps


Truly Great Coffee

Our mission is to give you the best coffee experience with the best coffee we've ever tasted.


We pride ourselves on being different. Stone Oak Coffee Haus stands for slowing down and re-connecting.  


We look forward to seeing you and sharing a hot cup of coffee with you! 

Terra Verde Coffee


Sourced from organic farms all over the world, they strive to provide the freshest coffee yet.

You can look forward to many different featured coffees as we rotate their selections.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Both of our coffee selections are farm to table friendly as well as organic.

Coffee growth and harvest techniques are as delicate as growing wine grapes. Every aspect of the coffee cherry is cared for by our roasters.

We work to ensure the farmers are taken care of, and that our harvest benefits everyone in the process.

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Monday-Saturday: 7-1pm

Sunday: Closed

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