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Our Vendors


3 Sweets Bakery 

3 Sweets strives to provide homemade, quality bakery. They serve many local businesses along with their cafe located in downtown Dundee, Wisconsin. You can learn more about them and who they are, here.


Thunderbird Bakery

The sourdough genius, as we like to call them. Thunderbird is known for their sourdough bread and handcrafted pastries. They own a retail cafe in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, but you may find them at a local coffee shop near you. They deliver and offer pick up for all of their bakery items. You can find them here.


Terra Verde Coffee

Roasted on site, and sourced directly from organic coffee farms, Terra Verde guarantees you the freshest and most environmentally friendly product. Based in Chilton, Wisconsin, but providing coffee in many different locations. Find more information here.



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Stone Creek Coffee

Out of Milwaukee, find them here

Petronella Studios

Homemade Charcuterie Boards, find here

Art Room?

Featured Artists:

Grandma Sushi Candles

Homemade Candles

Jerry's Honey

Straight from the bee farm

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