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Farm to Cup Story

Mitad del Mundo, or “Middle of World,” is a blend of coffees grown by about 20 farmers that we found through our partners at Caravela Coffee. Between them, the farmers grow typica, caturra, and bourbon varieties, and use plantains and guabas as shade plants. This washed process coffee was fully washed and fermented in cement tanks at each farm’s micro-mill for 15-24 hours, then dried in shade-covered patios.

This particular offering features a light roast profile of a lot of coffee from Mitad del Mundo. By light roasting this coffee, we are able to show off the natural beauty of the coffee by drawing out the nuances of the enzymatic and early caramelization stages of roasting. This light roasted profile of Mitad del Mundo is a delicate treat that tastes like fresh peaches, white tea, raw macadamia, and lemon-lime.

Bring harmony to your day and grab a bag of Light Melodies before it’s gone--and be sure to check out it’s dark roasted companion, Dark Harmonies, while you’re at it!

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