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Farm to Cup Story- DRAGON

Once again, we’re grateful and proud to bring you coffee from MICEPA. Microbeneficio Cerro Paraguas (MICEPA) is a small cooperative located in the remote region of Chirripó, Brunca, in southern Costa Rica. Dark Dragon features a lot of coffee from MICEPA that we’ve dark roasted to give your palate a total eclipse. With a full body and notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and walnut, Dark Dragon Costa Rica will wow you nearly as much as real-life dragons.

One of our first farm to cup relationships, MICEPA is a collaboration between eight families who collectively own 15 farms in the region. Over the past seven harvests that we’ve worked with MICEPA, we have seen the coffees from them continuously improve, which is no small feat, and one of the many reasons we’re thankful to have this farm to cup relationship. We feature large lots of coffee from MICEPA on our year-round coffee line as Green Dragon Costa Rica, which is a light roast. This dark roasted profile of a lot from MICEPA switches things up and demonstrates just how versatile the roast spectrum is. 

Take a walk on the dark side and grab a bag of Dark Dragon today before it flies away for good.

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